T-9 weeks


I feel like I have officially survived winter. . . the days of wearing shorts in England seem to have arrived (for training anyway!), there have been some glorious sunrises and we have hit longer days. With just under 9 weeks until the big race I thought I would give an insight into how the last couple of months have been.

Post Lanzarote at the end of January I have had a pretty consistent 7 weeks of training:

  • Averaging between 14 and 17 hours training
  • Another trip out to Lanzarote
  • 1 new bike courtesy of Giant St Pauls
  • A whole stash of Clifbar product to keep me energised
  • Some new Skechers trainers

IMG_1840Since that week we had the last of the X country races. . .  thank god! I think the only thing I actually enjoy about x country is the cake afterwards! I am not very good on slippy muddy surfaces, particularly with my tendency to sprain my left ankle, and I just find it frustrating not being able to go as fast as I could on a normal road.

However, I do very much like all the home baked goodies that get brought along, and also the end of season curry night!

IMG_2040I also had another great weekend up in Loughborough with Will and one of his other athletes, Tom. As always, being able to train with Will and get his knowledge and tips first hand is invaluable, and I had another weekend of swim pbs (I think the Loughborough pool may just be magic!). Clare was an awesome host as always, and Freddie provided the amusement!


I have been very much enjoying the benefits of some of my new supporters – the Liv bike is epic – rolls so smoothly and feels so responsive and stiff. I can’t wait to put her through her paces properly and get racing! Clif and Precision Hydration are a great combination to keep me hydrated and well energised – in particular the Shot Bloks are great for running or riding. My main challenge is to not eat the Clif Bar and Builder Bars too much as snacks – they are so tasty! Finally – Skechers trainers – am building up my mileage relatively slowly in them so as not to upset the body, but so far so good, and looking forward to getting a bigger range of colours to mix and match!

I was lucky enough to go back out to Lanzarote for another week of training (mainly because Barney was heading out to Mallorca with the Nuun-Sigma boys and I knew I would be too jealous just being at home!), with Sarah Lewis.

Being out there makes training so much easier – although my test of the bike course on the day with 26 mph cross winds the whole way was a mental battle! Having done it in those conditions gives me confidence for race day though – I know that I can at least get through it even if it isn’t speedy!

I had a great time last week at the Giant St Pauls ‘Women in Triathlon’ evening, being honoured to speak on a panel made up of Cat Jameson, Heather Sellers, Gillian Sanders, Jane Hansom, Helen Murray, Georgie Rutherford, Edwina Brocklesbury, Jennifer Tait and Stef Hanson. There were many lessons to be taken from them and inspiration by the bucket load! It is great to see lots of interest in events like that and hopefully women are feeling more comfortable getting started with triathlon and other events.



This past weekend I had my first TT of the year – a 25m course I have done a number of times. I was hoping to get a pb – however the windier than usual conditions and legs that didnt want to respond meant that didn’t happen! However I had a good run off the bike, and the position that Richard (Freespeed) spent many hours tweaking the day before felt much more aero and comfortable – so looking forward to seeing the gains going forward.



So as we approach race season I am feeling positive – things are moving in the right direction, I’ve been able to combine my weekend training with watching a few of Barney’s races (thankfully missing his crash the other weekend), and only 3 weeks until my first race tester at Ful-On Duathlon.