Well the last couple of months has certainly flown by since my last blog after Sweden. Having treated Sweden as more of a fun race (although I also wanted to see what I could do on the flattest course I’ve done so far), I was ready for a bit of a mid season break before the big build to Kona. I had a complete week off and then a very easy week, which I really needed mainly from a mental break from the training. It also tied in nicely with my birthday and I managed to stretch out my birthday celebrations for a good few weeks! The return to training. . . The plan was to build steadily up to Lanzarote 70.3 and do a solid week of training out there after that, as work had agreed I could work agilely and work from Lanzarote that week.

The run up to Lanzarote was the usual – some stunning early mornings in the park, club swim on Thursday getting beasted by the speedy guys, and weekends doing as much as possible with Nat – who has really had an amazingly strong end to her season. Getting out to Lanzarote and it was nice to be back in the sun. . . The wind not so much! I had a couple of days getting ready for the race and a few efforts to keep the legs going.

The race was really enjoyable. As a training race I had put minimal pressure on this one, and just wanted to go out and have a really hard day. The swim as ever was pretty hectic – I always seem to end up between 2 guys trying to swim over me, so had to stop a couple of times to avoid getting drowned. The lagoon is also pretty horrible and I was happy to get out of the water!

Heading out onto the bike and it was time to have some fun! The roads are great, we had a nice tailwind on the way out and I was just enjoying myself a lot. I had the all clear to go all out so just went for it without really looking at he numbers, and was pretty happy to come in just under 2.30 on a fairly hilly and windy course.

Onto the run and time to see what the legs could deliver. Fortunately it was quite overcast but even so it was quite humid and I was taking advantage of all the water stops to throw water over me. This tookIts toll in terms of my number breaking off – so I was stopped after my first lap while a guy very slowly wrote my number out and made me pin it on! Was not best pleased. Was focussing on just keeping rhythm and trying to run smoothly – and was helped by the support of teammate Dec who was also racing.

Finally onto the final lap and I really gave it everything I could – the legs were burning and although I hadn’t managed to eat anything on the run I felt ok. Crossing the finish line was awesome and it was straight into the ice water to cool down!

Pretty happy with fastest age grouper and 5th female overall. Off the back of the race I then had an awesome week training in Lanzarote with Will out there for some one on one coaching. Unfortunately he has a broken shoulder so can’t train, but from my point of view meant I had undivided attention on the coaching front – amazing although there were times during some of the swim sets I wasn’t appreciating it as much. . . !

Coming back from Lanzarote with just a month until Kona has given me some good confidence in my fitness and form – just need to work on nutrition and nailing the conditions now! Thanks as ever for the great coaching Will – hugely appreciate your encouragement even whilst going through the frustration of injury. The team support as we get closer to Kona has been awesome – what a great group of people offering so much advice and encouragement – great to do some training with Stuart and Dec out in Lanzarote. Looking forward to so many of us being out there. Onwards and upwards as the weeks countdown!!