Training – the winter months

For those of us Northern hemisphere athletes the past few months have been fairly miserable – cold, rain, snow, very short days and sometimes feeling like the elements are doing everything they can to stop you getting decent training in! However this year in particular I have found Zwift has helped make indoor cycling much more bearable, and running with the club makes it fun even when it is sub zero temperatures. However there is only so much cold and indoor turbos I can take, so it was great to spend the last week in Gran Canaria with Barney getting some good bike miles in!

The week:

Cycling – 500km, 7720m climbing

Running – 68km

Swimming – 20km

The main aim of the week was to get some good bike miles in, which we certainly did! I was expecting Gran Canaria to be pretty similar to Lanzarote, having only spent a brief weekend there to race last year. We were all blown away by how amazing the cycling was, the road surfaces are generally great, there are so many long climbs to choose from and the scenery is epic.

I love training camps – being able to spend a week recovering properly from each session and spend time with like minded people is always a great experience. It was great having Emma Bilham staying with us, and learning more from her about some of her favourite races, and also pushing hard to keep anywhere near her wheel as soon as we hit the hills! This time I also managed to get a few more rides in with Barney, mainly light recovery spins for him!

Thankfully I only have 2 weeks of British winter until heading off to Spain with Nat, where it will be a good experience trying to tie in with a lot of her sessions.

It feels like everything is starting to move in the right direction post the singer block so far, and I’m sure it won’t be too long until races are upon us!

Challenge Roma is first up in April – can’t wait to properly test the form and see where I am at.

Very excited to have another season with Team Freespeed – such a great group of athletes with awesome brands supporting us. The road to #Kona2018 is well and truly underway.