Swimming and sunshine – 2nd camp of the year

Well we certainly seemed to time the 2nd trip abroad of the year perfectly, escaping the BeastfromtheEast and Snowmageddon! Barney was off the Mallorca on team camp, so I took the opportunity to join Nat Seymour (Friday morning swim buddy) for a week in Spain on her camp with her coach Andy.

The focus of the camp for me was getting good bike miles in, and using the time with Nat to work on the swim as well.

Camp stats:

8 days

Swim: 32k (yes – this is by far the biggest swim week I have ever done!!)

Bike: 525k

Run: 63k

The first long ride I managed to link up with Mark Pearce’s athletes, so had a lovely cycle with Kim Morrison, Lou Croxson, Sam Proctor and Martin Cseik. Being back out on nice smooth roads with some sunshine was amazing, especially after a couple of very hectic weeks at work. It is always great hearing about other athletes plans for the year and how the training is going as well as finding out which races we might all be bumping into each other at!

Overall the bike miles over the week were great, it was generally quite windy which gave some good resistance to work against for all my interval sessions. Compared to last year the numbers are looking good, and the more time I spend on the Liv Avow the more comfortable and aero I feel.

As mentioned before another focus on the week was to take advantage of being with Nat and really work on the swim. I was very lucky in having her coach Andy there, able to give me lots of tips and pointers for my technique, which by the end of the week was feeling a lot smoother. It makes such a difference having somewhere there constantly giving you feedback on what you should tweak, and how it should feel. Thank you Andy!!!

With 2 solid camps done, I can’t wait for race season to kick off. The winter training Will has given me seems to be paying off, with gains made across all 3 individual sports – now just got to put it together.

Was great to spend more time with Nat – she is one of the hardest working athletes, always looking for that extra gain, and continuously getting the work done. Can’t wait to see her racing this year and her hard work over the winter paying off.

Just over a month until the first race – can’t wait to kick off the season properly!

Even more exciting is the new Orca Alpha getting released which I can’t wait to try. Hopefully my swimming will have caught up a little bit to do it justice this year.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support:




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