2018 – what a year!

Time for another reflective post before we start another year! Can’t quite believe how fast this year has gone, and looking back has been an interesting process to see where improvements have been made and areas I still need to focus on.

My aims last year were as follows:

1) qualify for Kona and go back to win

Very happy to report that this is one goal I managed to well and truly smash – apart from getting the overall AG win

2) be first AGer at all my races

– didn’t quite get this one – Challenge Roma I couldn’t run as was still recovering from the calf year (although I was first age grouper off the bike), challenge championship I was second AGer overall, getting pipped on the run, Alpe D’huez I think I was also 2/3rd AGer getting overtaken on the run, Kona again getting overtaken on the run. So still some work to do on the run to maintain my lead off the bike!

3) get a half marathon pb

– managed to achieve this one with a 1.26 in February – although a couple of weeks later I was then off running for a bit with a calf tear

4) be in a position where I feel ready to take my pro license

– still not quite there yet on this either, need to up my swim and run big time before I feel ready to compete in the pro field!

Other achievements from 2018:

1) winning AGer of the year award from 220 magazine

2) winning in Kona – after getting a new job with a new level of intensity managing to win after the mental and physical investment was the pinnacle of the year, and having Barney there to support was the icing on top.

So how is next year shaping up? I have some good races lined up and a few overarching goals for the season:

1) qualify for and win 70.3 world champs in Nice

2) see how close to 9 hours I can get at Challenge Roth

3) make some serious improvements on my run

Current race plan is as follows:

– Pays D’Aix 70.3

– Outlaw half Nottingham

– Challenge Champs

– Challenge Roth

– 70.3 WC (if I qualify!)

– Kona potentially

Looking forward to another year of training and racing!

As ever it would have been possible this year without a great support team around me:

– Barney – the ever supportive and motivational better half

– Will – always flexing around my various work and holiday arrangements and ensuring I am in the best shape at the right time – looking forward to another season of Will coaching me

– Orca – for providing the wetsuit and kit to keep me speedy

– Clifbar – for a great range of nutrition including the dangerous nut butter bars!

– Skechers – for supplying another year’s worth of trainers

– Precision Hydration – for keeping me cramp free and well hydrated

– Parcours – for the super speedy wheels

– Team Freespeed for the camaraderie and general support for the last couple of years

– Ful On Tri + various training buddies – for keeping the motivation and pushing on in training all year

– Jodie Moss – for the heat chamber training pre Kona – definitely helped mentally and physically in the race!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone and hope to see lots of you at various races next year!

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