Having grown up in a very active family I have always loved sport and been very competitive. I played hockey throughout school and university, and ran a lot to keep fit.

Almost a year into my grad scheme at Lloyds Bank, I was training for the Berlin marathon with my husband, and was asked to take part in the 2013 Virgin London triathlon by work to raise money for charity. I had recently started cycling a lot more, and had done some swimming when I was younger, so thought it would be fun to try. I really enjoyed the event, and being a bit bored of just running with the marathon training, decided to sign up for some more the next year.

Knowing very little about the sport I was keen to have some training partners, and some coaching, and so found Ful On Tri, a local tri club that was very friendly and had a great variety of sessions throughout the week to attend. This inevitably got me signing up for all sorts of races I heard people talking about, from duathlons, to sprints and olympic distance triathlons. Since then I have been hooked – continually seeking out races I haven’t tried before, different distances, new gear. . .  the possibilities are endless!



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