I am delighted to be supported by some great brands with amazing products.

As part of Team Freespeed I am lucky enough to have access to some brilliant companies which will only help me reach my potential this year.

Image result for skechers trainers

Skechers supply a whole range of running shoes that they have spent huge amounts of time researching. I can’t wait to try out the various models and work out which ones can help get me around the Ironman!

Image result for Clif bar

2 weeks into using Clif Bar products and I am already addicted to their range of bars, gels and shot blocks! In particular, for my sweet tooth their Builder Bars are far too tempting – but in all having such a good range makes it easy to fuel the long training sessions and races.


Precision Hydration – these guys have developed scientific sweat tests and tailored hydration  which has benefitted me hugely in my training since I started using them. I can’t wait to start racing with them – in particular their sodium tablets given my bad experiences with sodium loading last year!


This year I have had the benefit of the Orca Wetsuit, swimskin and race kit – all of which has been brilliant. The wetsuit in particular with the flexibility of the arms and shoulders has really helped my open water swimming.

Alongside Freespeed I have some other companies helping support me which makes a huge difference to the ease of training and racing.

Parcours are supporting me by providing some very speedy wheels – my current set up is Passista at the front, Chrono at the back, with a disc for the flat races. It is great having wheels that are so smooth and handle so well – and being tubeless has helped me get through races without punctures.

You can get £50 off any wheels you want to buy using the code RUTHP50


XHale is a brilliant platform for recording training – it is how Will gives me my training sets, and allows me to see how I am doing from the data, as well as useful features such as directly comparing performance in races.

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